[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 0″]An exhibition and customer service strategy designed by Positiveflow for Gruppo Hera, an italian multi-service provider (energy, water and gas).  Casa Hera is a construction of four recycled containers that will visit ten cities of Emilia Romagna over the next two years. It hosts an interactive exhibition that allows visitors to analyse their domestic energy consumption and discover how they can save energy. The visitors, usually already clients of Guppo Hera, also receive customer care feedback and can enquire about the services of Gruppo Hera. The program of the interactive exhibition (that simulates a house) memorizes in detail the way in which a playing visitor, according to his/her personal habits, consumes energy at home. [/one_half]

[one_half_last padding=”0 0 0 10px”]At the end the visitor receives his energy identity card with a number. Using this number and with the support of a hostess during the exhibition or via internet at home, he gains access to a personal consultancy, based on his collected data. He will receive personal suggestions showing how to optimise the use of energy and a gross indication of the way he can economize on his energy bill. Casa Hera, situated on two floors with reception, terrace and bar service, was opened in Modena in June 2007. During the travelling tour it hosts important meetings and talks on sustainable issues. On the opening of Casa Hera in Modena, we launched the butterflies![/one_half_last]


Team: Valentina Barsotti, Emina Cevro Jukovic, James Ennis, Alice Cannava, Alan D’Inca, Maria Tassi.
The project was realised with Alfad, Loop, Nowhere, Orange_line, Si-produzioni.

casahera-01 casahera-02 casahera-03 casahera-04 casahera-05 casahera-06 casahera-07 casahera-08 casahera-09

Date: November 2007
Skills: Exhibit, Graphic, UX
Client: Positiveflow for Gruppo HERA